Saturday, February 13, 2010


I have been into Fashion a lot more lately than usual. Perhaps my visits to The Sartorialist have something to do with it. As I was browsing the latest uploads, I came across a few pics that I just love.

Everything about his outfit, from the bracelets to the purple, to the pattern on his jacket. Notice the green argyle socks that stick out so nicely from the beautiful brown of his shoes. His blue eyes and green hat are the perfect finishing features.

Your first thought may be, 'Is that a womens jacket?' who would have thought a man could pull off a paisley trench? I think it's perfect.

Lastly, the "man shawl" as The Sartorialist calls it. Love it. For some reason, it amazes me how people all over the world understand the art of fashion and put together weird pieces that you might never think twice about with your first glance. Inspiration for me for sure.

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  1. im really into that guy's coat in the first pic. and smiles are always refreshing in fashion photos :) here's that site i was telling you about: sometimes it's weird cuz there are kids on there that are like 15! but then i see people that are like 26 and i feel better lol.