Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion

One of my favorite blogs that I literally check daily is my two friends blog, Sweet Glow Beauty.  Please know that I don't just love it because they are my friends, but the writing style and the beauty items they blog about are for all types of readers.  Anyways, one of their posts was about a rich lotion that works great for dry skin.  You know how you may get those bumps in the winter time?  The blog pertained to me so I had to get it. Well, the funny story is this.

I decided to buy the lotion honestly, all because of what Tori wrote about it, (you can find it here ).  Then I let her know that I was so happy with the lotion for two reasons, one, it helped my dry skin in a day, literally.  Two, I even put it on Devin's cheeks when they had rough patches, something that happens often with newborns, and his cheeks were better, and haven't done it since (with me putting it on every other day).  I would normally be hesitant about using such an intense lotion on a face, (his or mine) due to clogged pores, but this lotion is great at moisturizing without clogging the pores.  So, I tell her I want to write a blog about it, but then I realized, it's not even the same lotion!  Because it said "New Look!" and had the promise of moisturizing for 24 hours (see Sweet Glow Beauty Post) when I bought it, I thought it was the same thing!  It was when I went to compare pictures I realized it wasn't.

Moral of the story, though I haven't tried the correct Lubriderm that was on Sweet Glow Beauty , this stuff worked great for moisturizing without clogging pores without being too thick or oily. Oh, and it smells good too.  So thanks guys!

P.S. As if I haven't raved about it enough, their blog has made me try 3 of the products on there so far! Hopefully mine has some inspiration or is at least informative ;)

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