Friday, February 19, 2010

The Bumbo Seat

If you plan on popping out a baby anytime soon (don't you hate that phrase?), or know someone who is or has recently, I recommend getting the Bumbo Seat.
I got this seat as a hand me down and I must say, it's pretty awesome! I thought it would be much longer before Devin could sit in it, but seeing how well he holds his head up already, I decided to sit him in it when I was in the shower.  I actually put him in there so he could get some steam for his congested nose.

Anyway, the seat can be used to safely and effectively sit them up in a comfy way.  It seems to fit a baby's body nicely.  It is made up of a foam like material and comes in many colors.  As far as its uses, I think some people put it on the table so the baby can eat, (but I would do that with maximum supervision), or just use it while they need to do something like cook or clean and want to see baby nearby.  You can find it at places like amazon, target and walmart for about $30.  The tray that secures them in it is an additional $10.

Since it's light, portable, small and safe, I highly recommend it.  Here are some pics of Devin in it for your enjoyment (10 weeks old).

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  1. Your son is so cute!!!! I love this picture..Mina children usually don't get there hair cute until there 1st yr however your sons hair is so long he might have to get it cut LIKE SOON!!! He is so Handsome!!!!