Friday, July 29, 2011

3 in Uno

Happy Friday ya'll!  Since I sucked at posting this week, I was able to take some time last night and put in on my prior outfits of the week that I was super excited to share!  So, I'll start with yesterdays:

Thursdays outfit:

black gap button up: thrifted, ($4)
old h&m tank: ($5?)
j crew skirt: j. crew sale ($28)
j. crew woven belt: ($10)
nine west sandals: nine west sale ($40)
white fossil watch: outlets, ($92)

The funny thing about this skirt is that I got a couple cute things for super cheap at j. crew this past weekend, and I saw the skirt but passed.  They were having a sale on already marked down stuff, the skirt was "marked down" to $50 (puhlease), and then 30% off of that, plus 15% off using my student discount.  But anyway, I went back Monday because I kept thinking about the skirt, then in the store I was holding it and thinking for about 10 minutes, thinking things like what I could pair it with and should I really get it??  Then finally I was like 'Oh Mina, just get it, you clearly came back for it,' and I'm so glad I did because a) yes, I can pair it with soo many things, and b) the material is such that I can wear it easily in summer AND winter.  Even though I'm not a fan of what I'm bout to say.....WINNING!

Wednesdays outfit:

j. crew dress: j crew sale ($28, from $148 originally)
steve madden shoes: thrifted via goodwill ($10)

I had been wanting nude, heels, and with patience, I found the perfect pair at goodwill.  When I really want something, I usually am patient until I find it at a thrift store or second hand store, and I'm always so proud and so glad I waited.  I always liked this dress from J. Crew when I saw it in the catalogs, but I never even thought twice about one day purchasing it.  The dress was even cheaper than the above skirt, it was marked down to $40 plus the above discounts.  I can't believe it was originally $148!

Lastly, Monday's outfit:

red tye-dye cardi: old f21 ($13)
old navy cream tank: ($6)
old f21 gray skirt: ($16)
red toms: nordstroms, ($43)

Yay for red Toms!  Again, soooo glad I finally got them.,  they are incredibly comfortable AND I helped out a child in need.  HOLLA!

So, what do you have planned for this weekend? i really want to go see the Tribe Called Quest documentary, but I had already had plans to go see the movie, Crazy, Stupid Love (is that what it's called?).  I hope it's good, and not a disappointment. The, hopefully, I'll have some pool time with my little one, considering I've only done that once so far this summer! Gotta get on that.  Hope you have a great weekend!

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