Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I spent this weekend at a random beach trip with my brother, Jamie (his best friend growing up), and Michael.  It was a much needed, relaxing trip.  I worked extremely hard all last week, and especially Friday.  I was nearly the last person in the office and left shortly after 6:45, after having a jam packed day.  

I definitely enjoyed some bad food, and some bad sun.  I now have a bunch of freckles to show for it.  Though I use sunblock, I still get lots of freckles around and on my nose, and I have kinda always liked them.

So anyway, now I have a bunch of catching up to do at work, and hopefully I'll have a couple cute outfit shots for you soon since I made a pit stop at the outlets on the way to the beach :)  

Have a great week!  Only two more days till the weekend.

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