Tuesday, October 11, 2011


What up partay peoppllee?!  Can you believe it's bout to be mid October already?  We have had a couple hot days in the 80s the past couple days.  I'm looking forward to this weekend, as it will be sunny and crisp.

I haven't forgotten about the Fall 2011 Fashion posts.  A favorite reader of mine requested a shoe version, so that will be coming soon as well.  Oh, and I finally figured out how to get my camera workin.  I watched it charge this time and took it off the charger immediately. Should be straight from now on.

PSA: I think today is the last day, but American Eagle is having an AWESOME sale! Anything that has been marked down (with the white sticker), is an extra 50% off.  I got a huge ass, over night bag for $15!  A big awesome hat for $7!  They have shoes for $7.  Pajama shorts for $4, etc.  Check it out! I never thought I was an American Eagle girl, and while I don't like the clothes with the brand name all over it, I do dig some of their stuff.  ESPECIALLY their jeans!  I have a hard time finding jeans that fit my body booty, and that aren't way too long.  I could write a whole blog on their jeans, def worth checking out! Today is the last day you can get some jeans for like, $15.  Go!

plaid button up- f21, old ($13)
white tank- f21, old, ($12)
american eagle jeans- sale, ($15)

Oh, and I somehow missed these pics last time my camera was dying, I didn't upload them.  But I thought they were funny and you can see the outfit better than the other pics I posted for this outfit.

That is all! Have a great week everyone!

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