Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall 2011 Trends Pt. 1

With fall already among us, some of you may be wondering what trends will be seen often this year.  So, like I do every year around this time, I'm going to give you a report of what's "cool" for this fall (pun intended).

1.  Longer Hemlines

Whether you are wearing a maxi skirt or skirt that falls right under the knee, longer hemlines are still in for this fall.  Don't know where to start?  You can find PLENTY of inspiration with black maxi skirts.  Find one from a thrift store with pleats, pleats are a big this season too.

Want a more casual look? Pair a maxi skirt with a vest.

2.  Vests
Vests are also quite the trend this season.  Vests are cool because you can really dress down an outfit with one, but still look chic.  Also, in my opinion, they are a classic.  If you want more ideas, check out what pinterest has to offer when you search "fall vest."

3. Color Blocking/Brights

Color blocking wasn't just a spring thing.  Mixing bright colors is still very much in for this season.  You'll be seeing a lot of bright yellows and cobalt blues.  Try these hues mixed with rust, which is always a classic must have for fall.  If bright yellow isn't your thing, fear not, because you will easily find a variety of yellows from marigold to mustard.

4.  Denim/Chambray

Mixing chambray shirts is sooo easy to do, and the best part is, you can be super cute while staying comfy.  Chambray shirts are so versatile, and are always great for layering.  Whether it's peeping out from under a sweater or vest, or being worn as a cardigan, you can do a lot with chambray or denim shirts.  You can also easily dress chambray up or down.  Need ideas?  Try pairing it with a maxi skirt, or layering it, so the collar peeps out.

5. Wide Legs

Wide legs are back in and super easy to find this fall.  I always love the wide leg trend because it is so versatile.  You can wear wide legs and dress them up so easily (see photo above).  I always feel very chic in wide legs.  Such an effortless way to stay cute while being comfortable.

So that is part 1, and all for today!  If you have any questions or want specific ideas on how to pair any fall items, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email or leave a comment!  Hope you guys have a great week.

All pics taken from general pinterest searches.

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