Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I couldn't help myself when I saw this shirt in Forever 21, I loved the color.  The fit of it isn't accurately depicted in the pictures, I should have paid more attention while I was taking them to look for that, but oh well. 

Also, I promise I'm not as fat as I look in the pictures (?).  The camera adds 10 pounds people. Keep that in mind before you start snickering bout "well damn, she really has gained some weight," (lol).

And finally, it's starting to get darker faster, pretty soon my pictures won't be outside too often.  Maybe I can beg someone from work to snap a couple shots in Bethesda during lunch....hmmm.

pale yellow tee- f21, ($13)
feather necklace- AE, ($7)
vintage cameo necklace- thrifted, ($10)
american eagle jeans- sale, ($30)
steve madden shoes- macys sale ($40)

SO far, whenever I have worn these jeans, I've kept the cuff at the bottom rolled up.  I don't even know why because they are clearly not TOO long where I've had to do that. 

I'm telling you peeps, if you are in need of a good jean and don't quite want to spend a fortune, check out american eagle jeans.  They fit quite nicely.

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