Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rainy Week

It has literally been raining since Sunday, maybe Monday?  Either way, non stop.  Still even raining tomorrow too.  Wow.

So, being that tomorrow will be a flooded day, I have been looking up outfit ideas for shorts and wellies.  Can't wait to wear my red Hunter boots tomorrow.  And, I mean this in the most non-whorish way, but I have to wear longer shorts for work, and I hate the way that looks.  I much prefer shorter shorts, but again, in the most non-whorish way possible.

But anyway, here is Wednesdays outfit:

black blouse: old navy ($20)
jeans: american eagle ($24)
madden girl zipper shoes: tj maxx, ($30)

So, I really needed a new pair of jeans, and I went to several different places.  Finally, something told me to check american eagle, I have never gotten jeans from there.  Actually, I have only bought like two things from there.  But, I tried on like 6 different jeans, and their "jeggings," are more like real jeans than jeggings, this is a good thing!  It is nice, thick, and stretchy denim.  With the way my body is, bigger thighs/butt and small calves, it's hard for me to find skinny jeans that look alright, and these were prefect! I am really, really happy with them.  And I'm rarely happy with new jeans, I usually hate having to break them in.   Plus, they were on sale, 40% off.  Good deal.

You should check them out.

The end.

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  1. LOL don't worry you are NOT a whore for wearing short shorts! Try some with flats and a tanktop! And I love your shoes