Monday, September 19, 2011

Identity Crisis

So, I'm back to brunette.  You know, I think most of my blog here I have been blonde, or semi blonde. I've definitely had some sort of highlights going on.  But you know, I didn't realize how long I had the blonde and I was pretty satisfied with it (except towards the end it was too blonde, highlights started to blend together, be a bit too yellow, etc.). 

While I'm still adjusting to the brunette, I really do miss the beginning of my blonde era.  The beginning is when I loved it the most.

And this was tight too:

Yeah.......I think I need to get back to the at least the first pic soon.  I"ll try to hold off as long as I can, and maybe I'll start appreciating the change for fall, but maybe it is true that blondes have more fun... : /

(The old Mina would never agree to that.)

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