Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feels like Cozy Fall

I really love rainy, cooler days that tell me fall is right around the corner.  For some reason, the rain just makes me feel super cozy.  And even though the holiday drinks came out at starbucks, I'm not quite ready to get my pumpkin spice on....but nevertheless I'm excited for it.

I finally started my long haul on getting ish done.  I went though my whole closet, along with every other closet on the bedroom floor.  I have a huge pile of clothes to sell, and 5 bags of other clothes that I'll be dropping off at a thrift store.

I still have sooo much more organizing, getting rid of things, and other big projects.  Maybe I ought to take a staycation and take care of things, because for whatever reason, I suck at being productive on the weekends.

For now, I'm going to bed, but I will be back tomorrow morning with a post.

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