Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life Lately

-I'm wearing a watch I got from Forever...it looks way nicer...I never wear watches.

-I made meatballs for the first time yesterday, that jaunt was off the HZOOK!

-At least once a week I have a "Mina-day" where I DON'T feel like speaking to anyone when I get home, it's weird.

-I don't know how I am going to fully pay my bills this month cuz UE check hasn't come.

-I woke up in hives this morning

-I need to cut off my split ends

-I bought a yoga mat and dvd and have been doing it, more about that later.

-My puppy's getting big!

-Love being girly and watching hair and make up tutorials when I'm bored lol

My two weeks of not working were wonderful. I slept too much, ate too much shit, smoked too much, and got things done too. I have two HUGE bags filled with shit for salvation army. I need to go through it and pick out Mustard Seed stuff and put my books on half.com. I really need to focus and do this and some studying today when I get off at 3. This weekend I killed myself playing football for over 3 hours. I could not walk the next day. I got a TD though w00t w00t! Yoga. I suck at it. Even downward dog starts hurting my wrists. This is bad. I am getting old! But it's no excuse seeing how old ladies who live in Chevy Chase with gray hair can do it. Back to taking B complex!

Well, hopefully working part time and getting off at a lovely time will give me time to concentrate on school more, being healthier with yoga and my pup AND football starting, and DUH! blogging more :)

One more thing, just saw this yesterday, and loved the messy short hair, might cut mine soon since it wont grow more anyway:

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