Monday, May 11, 2009

B-B-B-Benny and the jets

I have been obsessed with buying records lately. This weekend at 2 flea markets, BeeGee's, Jackson 5, a bunch of Nat King Cole and Sinatra were bought, as well as a Diana Ross.

Today I drove past Joes Record Paradise, I had no choice. I got Talking Heads, The Police, Woodstock, Sly and the Family Stone and Al Green. I had more, but Mike told me to be please be rational.

I need clothes for my cruise but records are becoming an obsession.

P.S. I watched Rachel Getting Marries yesterday, and it had my dream wedding in it. Its almost as if I wrote the wedding for the movie. It was completely jazz/reggae/violins/hindu/ belly dancing type music and just a beautiful hindu type set up. The cake was a blue hindu elephant and I was in love with it all!!

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