Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saw 389210389210 previews for upcoming reality shows...

Had no idea "bro" wtf that show is called was gonna be like that. wooow. then i saw a reality show about us border patrol and it specifically showed a guy coming from Ecuador bringing food back or some shit and he said it was meat (which the lady cop said was cow was prohibitied) and dude said, "but its not cow, its guniea pigs" and then it said watch jan 9th bla bla and it sorta made me mad. It just made the foriegner look bad and i just wish people would realize more every society has its norms. It felt more to me like they put that in for shock value so americans can focus more on the fact it was guniea pig then you're not supposed to bring food or plants in. Maybe I should just be more bitter that people judge so much and think that their culture is better than be mad at what tv shows have come to.

At least bobbi is cuddling with me.

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