Monday, May 30, 2011

What a Weekend

And not in a good way. :( I swear it's just been one thing after another.  Something great better come about after these past, what? 2 weeks? You know how they say before the good comes the bad, or something?  Or am I making that up?

First, the internet wasn't working.  Then, Friday, my computer somehow had gotten a virus pretending to be Microsoft Security Essentials.

Next, I had the stomach flu basically all weekend except today, Monday.  I was so excited to actually do something, like take Dev to the pool.  But no, Michael ended up getting the flu as well.  The yacking ensues. 

On that note, I'm exhausted, but I gotta get ready for work tomorrow. Womp womp!  It's been freaking in the mid 90s along with way too much humidity here.  Disgusting and painful to be outside, unless you're at the beach or pool.....which I wanted to be oh so badly today. *le sigh*

Ta ta!

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