Friday, January 2, 2009

My h(o8)

I sat here an tried to think of eventful things in 08. Sadly, I don't remember too many significant things. Unfortunately, lots of being unhappy in the beginning of the year I believe.

In January, not many came out to my birthday, and I remembered being sort of sad about it. The next few months after are sort of a blur. I had started a new job at the doctors office and soon after fell into swollen lips and hive outbreaks, only to find out it was stress. I barely visited new york this year, but when I did, I accidentally spent $60 on a lapdance. BLOWN (silly story- ask me).

I learned to be a good worker. I traveled to Nicaragua and had an amazing time. I re-realized drinking still isn't my thang. I busted my ass working and schooling full time, and am very proud of myself for that. I tried to spend some time volunteering or doing good deeds.

I took the time to enjoy christmas and enjoy my christmas tree. I got myself a macbook, and a new job (that I plan on taking very seriously).

I took the election very seriously and fell in love with our new president. I watched the world change.

The thing I gathered most about myself is that I overcame some type of shyness. I think I am much better at conversating with people and just enjoying me for me. I think I still have some improvement to do in social settings, but I know I am very friendly and open, and I enjoy it.

I never make resolutions. And I still don't have any for this year. But I suppose I will try my best to make myself happy, be a good worker, travel, and VALUE life....oh yeah and write more :)

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